Building my SaaS with Hasura GraphQL and Golang

Building my SaaS with Hasura GraphQL and Golang

Phase - Comming up with an Idea

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Sourabh Mandal
·Mar 21, 2022·

1 min read

Hi Hashnoders,


I am a software engineer and entrepreneur passionate about web3 and blockchain technology. I am currently working at a startup that is in stealth mode, hence can't talk much about it.

Okay, let's get started hacking.

The Problem

As of any hackathon I participate in I take really long time evaluating an idea and the impact it will create for others. Spending a month of time I want to make it last beyond the hackathon phase.

With me myself working in a startup, I see little to no effort taken to create a career/job posting page, and even if they manage to build one its often featureless, and candidates face a hard time applying through their website.


So I have decided to create my solution where startups/enterprises can instantly create their career hiring pages and give prospects a smooth interview journey.

Draft features

  • Add jobs and job requirements
  • Add sorting and searching filters for easy job search
  • Apply with LinkedIn button
  • Automated emails sent to the candidate to keep them updated on the process.
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